Colorful bowls assortment

Different ornamental and gem materials carved into bowls available

Dinner tables with petrified wood

Original dinner table made in Madagascar Palisander wood with a petrified wood inlay in the center

Quartz Crystal bowls

Different sizes and qualities available

Big Quartz Crystal Sphere

Different sizes and qualities available

Ruby-Zoisite rough with big Ruby Crystals

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Discover our unique, exclusive and exquisite products, carefully hand carved from natural gemstones and gemmy material such as Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, rare Jasper for example into Bowls, Sinks and Washbasins, Petrified wood boards and slabs, Trays and other objects in different sizes and colors.

One of a kind rare “chefs d’oeuvres” – Treasures from Madagascar

Decorative Bowls

Rose Quartz bowl

Rose Quartz Bowl with 10,72 kg
Measurements 33 x 27 x 12 cm
Beautiful and exclusive decorative piece of quartz
Exclusivity from Madagascar

Quartz Crystal bowl

Semi transparent Quartz Crystal bowl with 15,38 kg
Measurements 42 x 37 x 15 cm
Selected pieces from Madagascar.

Red Petrified wood bowl

Petrified Red Wood Bowl with 10,06 kg.
Measurements 35 x 26 x 13 cm
Exclusivity from Madasgascar

Assorted stones bowls

We manufacture an assortment of hand carved bowls in different stones such as Septarian, Rose Quartzes. Jaspers and Petrified wood in various sizes and qualities.
Each piece is unique due to its shape and natural features.

Kabamba Jasper bowl

Kabamba Jasper bowl with 30,74 kg.
Measurements 62 x 30 x 17 cm.
Decorative art product due to its uniqueness in size, quality and shape

Amethyst Geode bowl

Rare Amethyst geode carved into a bowl with 20,32 kg
Decorative and unique carved bowl showing its natural texture of the geode on the border.
Specially carved in Madagascar.

Assorted Quartz Crystal bowls

We carry a large assortment of quartz crystal bowls in different sizes and qualities.
Each piece is unique due to its shape and natural features.

Giant Bowls, Washbasins and Sinks

Giant Bowls and Washbasins

Examples of Giant Washbasins carved from Quartz Crystals boulders. These rare pieces are available in limited sizes and quantity.

Assorted Sinks carved in different stones

Assorted decoration sinks carved in different stones (Agate, Jaspers, Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartzes and others).
Elegant uniqueness for multi-purpose decoration for home or offices.

Products made of Petrified fossil wood from Madagascar

Petrified wood plate

Petrified wood plate measuring approx. 1,6 x 0,8 m.
We carry different sizes and shapes of boards and plate sliced for petrified wood trunks.

Petrified wood slabs

We carry several petrified wood slabs sliced from fossil trunks and branches in different sizes and natural colors.
This rare fossil slab measures 80 cm diametre

Petrified wood table board

This is an example of the rarety and beauty from some rare findings in Madagascar. A giant fossil petrified wood cut to made a one piece solid table board measuring 2,0 x 1,0 meters and weighing 350 kg.

Petrified wood lavatory sink

Beautiful lavatory sink carved into a unique petrified wood trunk
We have available in stock different sinks in petrified wood in different shapes and sizes.

Madagascar Palisander tables with Petrified wood inlay

Madagascar Palisander tables with Petrified wood inlay

Beautiful Palisander wood dinner table with a Petrified Wood slab inlay in the center.
The table measurements are 2,0 x 1,0 m.
Two benches made of Palisander wood line the table.
Petrified wood inlay measurements approx. 1,0 x 0,4 m.

Petrified wood inlay in a Madagascar Palisander table

Inlay detail of a petrified fossil wood slab in a palissandre dinner table
Petrified wood inlay measurements approx. 1,0 x 0,4 m.

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