More than 20 years of experience in producing decorative items made of natural gemstones and ornamental rocks from different parts of the world.

About our Company

Mr. Pascal François, Parisrubis founder, have dedicated the past 25 years in the seek and discovery of new sources of gem materials such as quartzes, amethysts, ruby-zoisite, precious jasper, fossilized wood and many others working directly at the mine sites from Africa, Madagascar, India and Brazil enabling the artisanal manufacturing of beautiful and colorful “one of a kind” decorative pieces carefully carved in Madagascar where our factory is located.

Francois Pascal

Francois Pascal

Managing Director

Dino Psomopoulos

Dino Psomopoulos

Commercial contact

"I am constantly developping creative ideas to produce new stone sculptures to be special and unique by its mineral quality, or by its shapes and sizes."

− Francois Pascal

"Our work and challenge is to offer exclusive decorative products to customers who appreciate the beauty offered by nature using the creative perspective of our artisans."

− Constantino Psomopoulos - Dino

Our passion is to offer unique products to our clients that are looking for exclusivity

Petrified fossil wood inlays in Palisandre tables and other products made of fossil wood

Hand made carved bowls in different sizes with a wide and colorful selection of gemmy materials

Quartz Crystal and other ornamental rocks sinks in different shapes, sizes and colors

Decorative objects – Spheres Candle holders in different sizes, shapes and gemstones


Located 450 km far from Africa’s east coast into the Indian Ocean, the island of Madagascar is an unique source of quality minerals and gemstones.
It’s rich underground offers the world a vast and exclusive harvest of gem material suitable for faceting and/or carving.
Madagascar mines are well known in the world for the commercial production of Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Other gemstones such as Tourmalines, Quartzes, rare Jasper varieties, Ammonite fossils and large Petrified wood (Wood trunk fossils of 220 Million years old) are among their main mineral products.

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